Monday, September 8, 2014

Another week in the Mountains of Brewster WA

Hey everybody!

This week was pretty good. We set out to go finding for some new investigators so we ended up walking around Brewster a lot to find formers and potentials and anyone else we could talk to. We were able to talk with some really nice people but a lot of them are so busy right now they think they have no time so its hard for them to want to set an appointment for later on in the week. We hope that as we pass by them again that they will feel of the spirit and want to learn about the restored gospel.

This week in district meeting I felt like I needed to give a training about doing the small and simple things in missionary life so that the spirit can be with us. I think it was just as much for me as well as the district because there are times when the small things don't seem as important and we get lazy with them or we don't realize that they have fallen down by the wayside. Just like it says in the scriptures that by small and simple means are great things come to pass. We need to do the small things each and everyday in order to have success and to have the spirit. Our testimonies are so much more than just knowledge and words but rather our actions. The things we do because we know those things. We are different people because we know the gospel has been restored and we should be because we are striving to be more like our savior. I know the gospel is true and because I know its true, I try to be the very best that I can be and do the very best I can so that I will be able to look up at our Heavenly Father at the judgement day and feel at peace there.

Hope you all have a great week and hope to hear from you all!
--Elder Young--

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