Monday, March 31, 2014

Short Letter

Hey everybody!

Hope you have had a great week!

The weather here has been fantastic. We haven't needed coats and its not too hot with a little breeze. It makes missionary work a lot easier when you aren't freezing or sweating to death, both of which exist here in Washington but its always nice to have a change in weather.

This week was pretty good for teaching. We definitely taught the restoration more than a couple of times but thats alright because it's one of my favorite lessons. It seems like every time that we contact a referral, we get another one to replace and then sometimes another to add on top of that. Hopefully we will be able to see some results from it as we continue to contact them.

Just an update with Isaac, he received the priesthood yesterday and in a couple of weeks he will pass the sacrament for the first time. Right after sacrament meeting, one of the deacons came up to him and congratulated him and said that he will be able to pass the sacrament now. Its awesome to see the progress people can make when the wards really embrace them.

Something pretty cool that our mission is doing right now is we are all trying to read the Book of Mormon in 80 days. It's really cool to see the whole story of it and at the same time find verses that really apply to missionary work. I love to feel the power of the testimonies the prophets have as I read.

May you all see many miracles!

Elder Young

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