Monday, March 3, 2014

A better week and Many miracles

Hello everyone!

Still haven't heard from a lot of you! Hope you are all doing well.

This week was better for teaching and finding than last week. We have been getting a lot of referrals from other missionaries as well as the members working with the people around them to share the gospel. The big family that we are working with has kind of cooled off a little but one of their sons is still really interested in coming to church and we got permission from the parents to start teaching him at the members house that they are friends with. We also got a referrals for a lady that has been meeting with missionaries for the last year and as we talked with her, she expressed a strong desire to be baptized. After church on sunday she asked if we could schedule a day for her baptism. She put herself on date for the 15th of March. She is golden. She reads the Book of Mormon everyday and she says that it helps her get through the difficult times and gives her comfort. Miracles are happening here in Pasco!

Another miracle that happened this week was we just had an appointment fall through and we decided to go try someone that lived down the street. They hadn't been very solid about keeping appointments or being available but this time they were willing and able. Come to find out the husband had started reading from the Book of Mormon and asked us to share some passages that we liked. We have an appointment with them tonight and hopefully everything goes well for it.

Last miracle I'll share today was we were trying a referral that we got a few weeks ago (we have tried them a few times already) but no one was home. We decided to go visit someone that we have talked to a few times but only his son was there at that time. We started talking to him and it was about to be a great lesson and then his dad walked up from getting his daughter from school. We started talking with and started to tell us how he had been talking to his cousin (who is from a different religion) about us and about helping his kids (which is what we mostly talk about anyway with him) and then he said that he had wanted to talk to us that day. Lo and behold guess who shows up on his doorstep, Us. We have been working with him for a little while but we haven't had a chance to really share the message of the restoration yet but I know right now we just need to build trust with him but soon we will be able to share it with him.

Having tough weeks makes me really appreciate when we have good weeks and it makes it easier to see the miracles, especially when we don't let the hard times get us down. I know this year is going to be an amazing year for growth in the church. Miracles are happening everyday as we exercise our faith to act and help the people use their agency to act.

Hope you all have a great week and I would love to hear from you all!

Elder Young

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