Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Hello everyone!

So we had a miracle happen this week! One of our progressing investigators got baptized last saturday. He was supposed to get baptized this coming saturday but because of the womens broadcast we had to move it up. Everything went pretty good but it was a pretty stressful week. I'll send the pictures that we got. Since he had such a good fellowshipper was the only reason that was really made possible. And he really wanted it. The Lord is working miracles!

This week was a little slower for teaching because we needed some time to get ready for the baptism. Now that Isaac got baptized we should be able to start working on some of his siblings. His little brother told him that he wants to get baptized as well. We knew that Isaac would be a great example for his family but we didn't realize how much it would bring his family into the church as well.

I'm super excited for general conference! It will be an amazing time to hear the apostles and prophet speak. I know that as we prepare ourselves in these next couple of weeks that we will be able to receive revelation for the problems that we are facing in life everyday.

I hope you all are doing well and have been seeing many many miracles.

Elder Young

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