Monday, July 1, 2013

Hot weather here in Hermiston

Hello everybody!

Things are going great here in Hermiston although we had a little bit of a slow week. We had a baptism that went really well. The spirit was really strong and the person being baptized felt it before she even got in the water. We went over how the baptism was going to go and she asked if she could a few moments alone to say a prayer before we took pictures and then afterwards she said she felt a peace before she even got the water. It's awesome to see someone recognize when the spirit touches their lives.

This week was nice and cool until wednesday or thursday and then the temperature skyrocketed! It went from 70s to 100s in a day but I guess thats what we get for being in the desert but that wont stop us from working hard.

I had to speak in church yesterday. It went pretty well. It was probably the longest time I've ever spoken before. It was in english too so it was kind of strange because that was the first real english talk ive given since I've been on my mission.

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great week

Elder Young

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