Monday, July 22, 2013

What a week!

Hello everybody!
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that wrote me this week, I really appreciate it. I love to hear how things are going in your lives.

This week was pretty fun and interesting and full of Heavenly Fathers blessings. We gained a companion this week as someone was transferred to Othello and called to speak an Indian dialect. It was a bit of a scramble as we moved him to our place with  such short notice but everything went pretty smoothly.(Blessing)

It was pretty warm this week but we still had a good amount of lessons that we taught. (Blessing) We definitely saw the Lords hand in our week as things fell into place and we were able to accomplish some of our goals as well as being protected. This past saturday we were knocking some doors on a little apartment complex and just about when we were finished with it. A little boy looks through a window and then tries to open it to talk to us. A few moments later the door opens and a pit-bull comes out with the boy trying to hold it back. Pretty soon he can't keep a hold of it and lets go. (He is screaming at the dog the whole time). Elder Hall was trying to keep it from jumping on him and got a couple teeth marks on his hand (blessed it didnt chomp down) Then it started coming after Elder Hammond and I. It never got us (another blessing) The kid tried grabbing the leash but couldnt and I kept yelling at it to sit down or go back inside then the kid said he wouldnt do it unless he had a treat so I told him to go get some. While he ran inside I managed to grab the leash and get the dog to call down a little bit. I was holding it like I was holding a snake (I didn't want to get bit) Luckily it was a choke collar so the dog got pretty tired and decided it would be best to back inside. I could definitely see Gods hand in protecting us because we could have been seriously hurt.

On sunday I had the opportunity to translate for sacrament meeting. I now understand what its like translate and it is really hard. Hopefully with more practice it will get better and better so the people listening can feel the spirit during the meeting.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great week!
Elder Young

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