Monday, June 24, 2013

Settling into Hermiston

Hello everybody!

This week has been pretty good! For some reason transfer weeks always seem super long but then afterwards it goes by like lightning.

Hermiston has been pretty fun so far. We have met some really interesting people and taught some good lessons. I like my new companion and the members that we stay with. Its nice working in a city that has more than just one main street. We work in a group that is pretty small and has a couple sets of elders and a senior couple working in it. Yesterday we had just about as many missionaries as members in sacrament meeting but it was still really good. I guess that just means there is more work for us to do in bringing people into the church and getting people reactivated.

The world wide broadcast yesterday was amazing! I'm so excited to be apart of the changes that are coming. I know that as the members get excited about sharing the gospel, the work will progress so much faster. The missionaries can't do everything and expect great success. The members have to be working too to find those that have been prepared to receive the gospel. I challenge each of you to make a list of people you could share the gospel with and then think of ways to better your friendship with them and invite them to a church related activity or into your home. I know that as you do this, people will be placed in your path that need to hear the gospel. Always be thinking of ways to share the gospel and things will happen.

Hope everyone has a great week and that you have missionary experiences.

Elder Young

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