Monday, June 3, 2013

Tracting...Tracting...More tracting

Hello everyone!

Hope everything is going well at home!

This week my companion and I have been doing a lot of tracting as appointments have fallen through. I'm not sure how many miles we walk but I'm pretty sure Connell and Basin City will be tracted out before the end of this transfer. We were able to find a couple potentials and hopefully this week they will become investigators.

So there was a lady that we talked to in the trailer park this past week. I'm not sure what religion she was but she definitely had some interesting views about things. She invited us in at a later day and she started telling us that it wasn't right for someone to marry another person that already had a kid. My companion and I just kind of sat there and let her talk. He tried to get her to understand that we don't know what kind of situations other people have. I'm really grateful to have been raised in the gospel and to have a firm base in the gospel standards. It gives us so much direction and meaning to this life.

We had a couple of spanish dinners this week and they made fresh tortillas at both of them! It is definitely carne asada season here. When we walk through the trailer park, we can just smell all the grills going and can hear the mexican music playing.

These pictures are a couple weeks old but I thought they might be cool to share. The Columbia Basin is a beautiful place.

Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Young

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