Monday, August 4, 2014

Long but fast week. How does that work?

Hello everybody!

This week was kind of slow but really fast at the same time. I'm still not sure how that works but thats ok because we just keep going anyway. We weren't as busy as we were last week but we did still teach a few lessons and we talked with a lot of people. We were able to find some of the people the previous missionaries had been teaching to set up appointments to keep teaching them. Hopefully this week we are a little more busy and be able to see some progress.

Sunday was a fun day because we had to translate for sacrament meeting as well as teach the 2 gospel essentials classes and spanish priesthood. I'm always grateful to be able to use the skills that I've learned as a missionary in situations that I might have to do at home. I know what I learn here is going to benefit me for the rest of my life. I love being a missionary!

Something interesting that happened this week was we stopped by one of our investigators and his Pastor was sitting there on his couch. We started talking and it ended up being completely a waste of time because he didn't want to listen to anything we had to say because he thought he already knew what we believed instead of asking a listening to feel the spirit. Something else that came out of that conversation was that they said the heart was deceiving so we can't listen to it. How sad a world that would be if we couldn't listen to our hearts because that is how the Holy Ghost speaks with us. I took a little time to see what the scriptures said about the heart and I found way more references to individuals listening to their hearts because the Spirit had touched them. When it refers to the Heart often times it can be connected with our spirits as well. Our hearts are a good indication of the condition of our spirits. I love the scriptures because they teach truth rather than the doctrines of men.

Hope you have a great week and see lots of miracles.

--Elder Young--

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