Monday, August 18, 2014

The time just keeps getting faster!

Hello everybody!

The time is going so fast! It is already the end of transfers at the end of this week! We will get our transfer calls on saturday night. This transfer has to be one of the fastest transfers I've had on my mission because I feel like I still just got here.

This week was good for teaching. It always seems that when we bring a member with us, the people never want to answer the door but when we are by ourselves the same people always answer but that is ok because it gives the members a chance to find out where some of our investigators live and to experience a little bit of the mission life. It's been pretty hard to find new investigators the last couple of weeks but we do have a couple of potentials that we found this past week that we have high hopes for and hope to see some of them become new investigators this week.

Something that I have recently started is a questions journal. I bought a little notebook and on each page I write a different question, maybe something that an investigator has brought up or something that I want more knowledge on. I've noticed as I've searched the scriptures that more often than not I find the answers I'm looking for plus more which adds to the questions that I have. I find that the more we question the more we find and then the more questions we have. My advice, ask questions so you get answers because if you don't then the very miracle of personal revelation can't exist.

Hope you all have a great week and see lots of miracles!
--Elder Young--

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