Monday, July 21, 2014


So about the area, we got some good news and some greater news. We got doubled into 2 areas so we cover the english and the spanish work here in umatilla. There were 4 missionaries here before, 1 set of sisters that spoke spanish and a set of english elders and they took both of them out and replaced them with us. I didn't find this out until I was in the transfer van on the way to the tri-cities. The ward here is super welcoming and really missionary minded. It reminds me a lot of the ward at home, as well as the size and some of the people. The bishop reminds me of my dad and some of the counselors as other members of the bishopric. My companion is super good. He has only been out on the mission for a few months but already can speak spanish really well. He just has a hard time understanding everything because a lot of the people speak so fast. With time he will be able to hear and speak just fine.

The work here is amazing and the Lord is pouring out so many blessings upon us here. On saturday we met a referral from the ward and she has a baptismal date for saturday! She had been taught by missionaries in Nevada and just moved here a couple weeks ago to live with her sister (who the referral came from) and she said she wanted to be baptized. We are super excited for it and they are and the ward is as well. It's impressive to see someone that has been prepared for gospel but just didn't know where to find it. She said she had attended a lot of churches but never really felt comfortable but when she came found out about our church and attended she felt right at home and got the "little fuzzy feeling." Again we are super excited about it and we feel super blessed. That was just one of the many miracles that we have been seeing here in Umatilla and we are excited to keep working hard to find the elect and help them come to Christ!

Hope you all are seeing the miracles that the Lord has poured out for you!

Elder Young

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