Monday, June 2, 2014

Transfer calls again

Hello everybody!

So this week was pretty good. We got trained for the english classes and then we had someone come the next day that we just met a few days before knocking on doors. The class went pretty good. We have only had 1 person come to each class but we have also taught a couple of classes to people in their houses. It gets people to trust us pretty quickly and they are more willing to let us come talk with them. We are hoping as people see the posters that they will start coming and then inviting their friends to the church.

Yesterday I was able to finish the 80 day Book of Mormon challenge that we did as a mission. It was good to spend some time to refresh quickly what is in there and how it all ties together. I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon and how it helps us to come to Christ even more and then in turn bring others to Christ as well. I'm so grateful for the Restoration of the Gospel. Without it our lives would be very different and the world would not be the same either. Thomas S Monson is the prophet today and he is the Lord's authorized servant on the Earth today.

So transfer calls came again. Elder Chase is getting transferred and I will be staying here for another one.  I'm going to miss Elder Chase. He taught me a lot about planning and thinking about the future so that things can go smoothly. I hope to be able to practice that more and really apply it to myself. I'm grateful that we didn't get doubled out. That was probably the hardest thing about leaving Pasco. Half of our district got changed with this transfer as 2 of them had been here for 6 months and another is finishing his mission. 

Hope you all have a great one!

Elder Young

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