Thursday, June 26, 2014

Temple and another week of Miracles

Hello everybody!

This week was pretty good for us. We had another week full of teaching and finding. The Lord is pouring out miracles on us each and everyday. There are days when it seems like it will go super slow for the afternoon but then after dinner we are blessed to have a few lessons each night. A funny little miracle happened last night working with a member. We made an appointment with an investigator the night before and then we called her member friend to come with us. We got there on time for the appointment and the member wasn't there and we thought she might have forgotten about it. We knocked and the investigator's kids said that she was busy right then so we left and tried some other people. After we had just had a short teaching visit with some potentials we get a call from the member saying that she was there waiting for us with the investigator so we jumped back in the car and ran over there. It ended up being a great lesson and the member was able to bear a great testimony as well.

Last week there was a pretty cool sunset so my companion and I took a pretty epic photo and I thought I would just share it with you.

Its crazy how fast the time is going still and it just seems to be going even faster. I love being a missionary and working with the people to help them come to Christ. I have more stories from last two weeks but I can't share them all because I would be typing forever. God is real and He loves us. The temple is amazing and I love to feel of the spirit there.

Have a great week!

Elder Young

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