Monday, June 30, 2014

P-day again

Hey everybody!!

So it's P-day again. Back to the normal schedule for now. Sounds like things are happening there in Kansas. Are the missionaries staying busy teaching and finding?

Since thursday we have been pretty busy as well. The Lord is keeping us pretty busy. It's still hard to find something for a couple hours a day but thats something that I have been dealing with my whole mission. We had a couple of miracles happen on Sunday. A part member family that is super busy came to church for all 3 hours and when we walked into the chapel for sacrament meeting one of our investigators that we just started teaching was on the back row with his member sister and his kids. They took up the whole back row which was a good sight to see. Also we had a few appointments for after church but they ended up all falling through so we decided to go visit some recent converts to see how they were doing and it ended up they had been going through a hard time with one of their kids. It was just a testimony to me that God will put us where he needs us to be at the right time.

This picture is a field of asparagus that has gone to seed. That stuff grows so fast that in the summer it grows so fast they can't keep up with it so they have to stop harvesting it.

Have a great week!

Elder Young

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