Monday, May 13, 2013

Slow but Good Week

Hello everybody!

This week seemed to go really slow but it ended up being a good week anyway.

Since we just baptized our top 2 investigators, this week was more focused on finding new people to teach. However, tracting in this area is not very effective. One day that we were tracting, two different houses had hairy shirtless men that answered the door. The first was skinny and friendly but he was busy and not very interested. The second however was the funniest. We knocked on the door and few moments later he answers. He was a very large, very hairy man and he said "I'm sick! I'm going back to bed!" and shut the door. It was rather funny to us and we just walked away.

Since we have been spending a good deal amount of time walking around, I have gotten a lovely missionary tan. That consists of a tan face and arms. A line in the middle my neck because of my collared shirt and a lovely watch tan. There have been a couple of days where we walk from 5-10 miles. It has been warm (80-90) but there is no humidity and for that I am very grateful.

This week was missionary week in the seminary class. We were asked if we could teach for a day and just answer questions about being a missionary. It was fun to tell stories about some of my experiences and kind of reflect on the time that I have spent as a missionary. It's an amazing experience to be able to share the gospel with others and be a servant of the Lord.

Thanks for all the letters and birthday wishes this week. Hope you all have a  great week. This picture is just outside of basin city.

Elder Young

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