Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another week in the MTC

Hello everybody!

Glad to hear everything is good at home.

Sorry to say not much has really been going on here but a few things have happened in the last 7 days. Sunday I got made the District leader. For the MTC that entails getting the mail twice a day choosing prayers, songs, and extra meetings during the week. I like what I have learned so far about being a good leader.

The language is still coming along. The spanish seems to be better in lessons but in class I feel like my spanish is horrible. The other day we had the chance to talk with some native speakers other  than our teacher Hermano Zuzunaga. They were missionaries from Mexico going to Nevada and they were in our building because they had a lesson in the classroom next to ours. For about an hour we taught them some english words and they taught us the spanish equivalant. Mostly it was just body parts and stuff in everyday life but it was still really fun to experience. Here is what our board looked like when we were done.

These next pictures are a bit old but every sunday we get to walk to the temple and here are a few pictures I have taken.

So there was an elder that washed his 100% wool sweater and this is ME trying it on. We had fun messing with it.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures. Last week we got our travel plans and I leave on the 26th of February. Luckily we don't have to be the travel office until 8
Sorry I was unable to post last week. When I tried to send this email, it completely kicked me out and I wasn't able to get back on until this week.
On Sunday I had the opportuntity to say the opening prayer for the Devotional. After we got down off of the stand, an Elder came up to me and asked if I would find his family while I was in Washington. It really touched me that he was prompted to ask me to help reactivate his sister. I told him I would try my best.
Yesterday was a very interesting day for my campanion and I. The first night that new missionaries are here, they have this event called a Missionary Experience. A pair of elders come in and start a discussion with an "investigator" to get it going and then the group takes over and we leave. We had the opportunity of doing that last night. It was awesome to be able to see just how far we have come in the 6 weeks we have been here. I remember our discussions going very similar to how theirs went. It was a testimony builder of the amazing power of the spirit in teaching not only our investigators but ourselves also. I will tell you a little funny story with this. Since we have been practicing spanish for the last 6 weeks, it was actually really hard to do a door aproach in English. When I went to greet the lady I said "Hola Barbara! Uhh I mean Hello Barbara!" It happened a few more times throughout the lesson. I guess I am just supposed to be speaking spanish for my mission.
For the people in Prove Me Now efy 2011, I ran into Hermana Richins while I was eating dinner last night. She has only been here a week and is going to Chile. I tried talking to her in spanish a little but she couldn't really understand me but the Mexican elders around me could. Its truely amazing how much the spirit will teach you in such little time.
I'm super excited to go to the field but I'm still nervous. I won't say too much about that, I don't want to get too trunky to leave.
Thanks for the support everyone and I hope you all have a great week.
P.S. I guess is only for the field. Ask my mom for the address if you want it. Thanks!

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