Monday, November 25, 2013

Moses Lake

Hello everybody!

Hope you have all had a great week and have stayed warm! Its getting cold here in Washington as it gets dark at 4:00 pm and is just getting darker each day.

So this week was pretty good since we had the Branch Thanksgiving dinner. There were a ton of people there from active members to less actives to investigators to other people that members brought. There were some pretty funny games that they put on during the dinner that made everyone laugh.

So this week was also pretty good for teaching people as we had some pretty interesting experiences. This week as we were trying to visit some investigators. We knocked on this apartment to talk to an investigator and no one answers but their neighbor comes out to smoke and starts talking about the Holy Spirit or something along those lines and then he calls to us and wanted to talk with us. We talked outside with him for about an hour about a wide range of things and then set up another time to come back for the next day. We were a little hesitant to go back because he had talked so much and we were only able to say a few words in that whole hour but we went to the follow up visit anyway. He told us how he had been arguing with his wife and then said that the holy spirit would do something and then walked out of his house and then saw us standing next door. As we talked and listened to him, we found out that he is a member and has had a really rough life. I know the gospel will bless his life as he returns to church and lives the covenants that he has made. Something interesting that happened during that visit was that his daughter was sitting on his lap for about half of the visit and ended up falling asleep. Just before we left he told us that she has a hard time sleeping but we were leaving she was out. I know that was because the spirit was able to relax her and she was able to rest. The spirit works in interesting ways in all of our lives.

I hope you all have a very happy thanksgiving and eat lots of turkey and stuffing!

Elder Young

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