Monday, November 3, 2014

Why does the time go so fast?

Hey everybody!

This week was really fast but we had some really good lessons that show the love of our Heavenly Father. We spent some time in the rain looking and talking with people but I feel like the Lord blessed us with some more people to teach because we showed our faith to keep working despite the rain.

One of the lessons that was a pretty big miracle for us came from a referral we got a few weeks ago from a member. We have been having a hard time meeting with them on a regular basis but when we do have a lesson, the Spirit is there and they just eat it up. So they came to the english classes and that went well and then afterwards we discussed the chapter they read and they got out of it exactly what the chapter meant and then we had a church tour. When we were talking about the baptismal font, she asked if we put hot water in it because she doesn't like cold water. To me and my companion, that just meant that she was already thinking about it. We have high hopes for them this week as the apple harvest is coming to an end and they will have a little more time.

Funny story from a lesson we had last night. We taught this family that is a little crazy sometimes but like us coming over and when we talk about the gospel they like to learn. We read a chapter with them and then said a pray and were about the leave because it was getting late. Quickly I grabbed her Book of Mormon and marked Alma 32 for her to read before the next appointment and then told her its a chapter about faith. She just looked at me and said "Wow! Thats weird! Every time we open the book or read something it answers my questions." She went on to say that the chapter we read had answered a question for her and then she also had a question about faith. The funny thing was that she never asked us a question about either thing. We just followed the little thoughts and impressions that we got and its helped her. I know the Lord will lead and guide us when we humbly seek his help.

Sorry its a short one this week, it just rained a lot and we were walking in it a lot.

--Elder Young--

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