Monday, April 21, 2014

Transfer Calls Again

Hello everybody!

So this past weekend we got transfer calls again. The time is going by so fast, its hard to believe that transfers are already here. Both my companion and I will be transferred out of Pasco. I'm going to Sunnyside and my companion is going to Othello and he will be learning an Indian dialect from mexico. It was a pretty big shock to everyone that we are both leaving but I guess the Lord needs us in different places.

This week was pretty tough for teaching but we ended off the week pretty good. For some reason we have been having trouble getting a hold of our investigators and potentials but the few lessons that we did get were really good and pretty productive. Interesting thing that happened as we were talking with Isaac's family to say good-bye. They really appreciated all the effort that we have put into teaching them. They kept saying that we may have planted the seed but others may come for the harvest. I have faith that they will get baptized one day.

Yesterday we had a pretty good Easter Sunday. We had lunch with an investigator family and they are from El Salvador and their neighbors came as well (they are members that we spend a lot of time with). It was super good to see member missionary work as it should be. We stayed pretty quiet because they were having their own good conversation and becoming better friends which will really help since we are getting doubled out. Also we had a couple of other really good lessons so it was a really good end to a long week.

I just want to share my appreciation for the Savior as well as my testimony. I know that He lives and that performed the Atonement for all of us so that we may return to live with our Father in Heaven. Without him there would be no way to return to the presence of God. I am so grateful for the strength the Atonement gives me to keep moving forward and I know that it can bless all of your lives as well, we just have to have faith in Jesus Christ and act on that faith. Follow the prophet, his words guide us to Christ.

Your Friend,
Elder Young

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