Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hello everyone!

I hope that everyone has had as good a week as I had. Thank you for the letters and support. I'm always grateful to hear how things are going.

This week has been really good. Full of Miracles! So a couple of saturday's ago we got a call from someone asking if we would be able to come over. At first I was really confused because I thought that I didn't know the person or where they lived. We had an idea of where it was because he told us the street and the number for his trailer. The thing was that there are 2 trailer parks on that street and we went to the wrong one at first. We ended up calling him again and then we figured out which one it was. It turns out he was someone we had talked to before and he wanted to start changing his life around since his marriage is going through a rough patch. We had felt impressed to give him a blessing because he had been sick for the last few days and then we left. We came back that saturday again and he was all better and excited to listen. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and when we got to the picture of Christ being baptized, he said he wanted to do that. Long story short, we put him on date and then he also came to church with 3 out of 4 of his kids. Also yesterday we had a little extra time to knock a few doors and the second house that we went to, told us that their son had been wanting to go to our church, they just didn't know anyone so they wouldn't go. She told us that they would come to church on sunday and we are really hoping and praying that they do. The Lord is hastening his work and it's amazing to be a part of it!

 Right now our mission is doing a "40 day fast" to sanctify ourselves to be more in-tune with the spirit. So what we did is we started it off with a normal fast and at the end of that we write down things that come to mind that may be distractions or things we would like to work on and then you pray for the strength to work on those things in the morning and report it to heavenly father at night. I feel like it will benefit the mission and myself a lot as we turn over all of our "weapons of rebellion" and allow the savior to hasten the work. Sometimes there are things we don't realize that keep the spirit from being really strong with us and it takes some effort to get rid of them.

We are trying to work with the members more. We have been meeting with more than just the people in the Hermiston ward to find more referrals. We actually had a dinner with a few people at a members house. There was a couple part member families there and we actually got a return appointment with one of them. She is an old investigator but when she sat down to eat, she asked why we hadn't been by. I guess that showed she still wants to learn some more which will be good.

I just want to say to all those that are on the fence about serving a mission. It will be the best thing you ever do. You will learn so much about everything, about yourself, how to work with others, sometimes a new language and so much more. And best of all you get to help others have the same happiness and joy that you get from living the gospel. You will not regret serving a mission. Also to those that may not be able to serve right now, help the missionaries in anyway you can. When they ask you to think of someone and that name comes to your head, just say it. There is a reason that name popped in you mind.

Go out and share the gospel in anyway you can and you will be blessed.

Elder Young

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