Monday, September 9, 2013

A slow week but full of miracles

Hello everybody!

I hope that everything is going well at home and that you have had opportunities to share the gospel with your friends and family. Sorry I haven't been very good about writing hand-written letters but I will work on it.

This week was a little slower than normal because lots of harvests have been going and some more are starting this week. That makes it so pretty much no one is home during the day and really tired at night but we are still teaching a few that want to meet with us despite the late hour.

Someone that we started teaching this week wants to meet with us at 8:30 because his family owns a popular Mexican restaurant and they don't close until 8:00pm everyday. He is always really attentive and tries to apply what we are teaching. We left a Book of Mormon the last time and he said he would read the introduction. Something that really impressed me was that we had an appointment for Thursday night but it was his wife's birthday so he called the member who referred us to him to tell us he wouldn't be able to make it and he wanted to reschedule. Normally people just forget about the appointments we have with them and then give us an excuse. I feel like he has a lot of potential and he wants his family to start listening also.

On saturday we were pretty much running the whole day. We started off with a church tour for someone, then we went to a wedding (in a different church and very interesting preacher), then we went and met someone that some members used to teach english to, then an appointment canceled but we found someone and had a lesson, then a lesson with a couple that when they started reading the Bible they noticed some things that weren't right with their church and then the last lesson of the day was a doozy. We were just trying a couple back that we had tracted into and we started getting hammered with questions that didn't really make sense and really had no constructive purpose. Every time we would answer a question in a way that he didn't already think of then he would get kind of quiet and go to another question. He had a very weird perception of prophets that made the apostacy even more real. I'm so grateful for the restoration and the truths we have because of it. I know that God has called prophets from the beginning of time to lead and guide his children in the way that he wants it done. There are great blessing from listening to his chosen servants.

Last night we ate at an investigators house because it was their sons (he is 4 now) birthday. We had poblano mole. They are from puebla mexico and thats a traditional dish there. Its pretty much chicken with a sauce and then rice and beans. It was way good. Then they gave us some cake and jello. The jello we ate was like 5 different colors but it was pretty good. I don't know if I will be able to eat Tex-Mex anymore after eating authentic mexican food for so long.

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Young

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